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Class: Warrior
Race: Human
Age: 18

Blond. Long but tightly braided to fall in a plait down her back. She does nothing fancy with it and rarely even pulls it out of its braid.
Skin: Tanned and dirty, she has a few scars on her arms and one on her left cheek.
Eyes: A surprisingly bright grey-green.
Height: Tall.
Weight: Heavily built, she has muscles.

Clothing: She tends to wear full plate armour at almost all times, it is dented and well used, with no decoration. When not wearing these she will wear brown pants and an undyed shirt.
Weapons: None, instead she carries a huge shield as tall as herself with large spikes. While she can bash things with her shield to devastating effect she will more often focus on defence.

Personality: She is a serious and quiet girl. She rarely cracks a smile, but Charlie can get one from her almost every time. She doesn't particularly like fighting, but she doesn't hate it either. She mainly just wants to keep her "little" brother safe.
History: Charlie was in her life from an early age, when he decided he wanted to be a battle mage she decided to pursue her skills in combat to make sure he was safe. He was a strong hitter so she never felt it vital to increase her own offensive skills. Together they were a formidable team and when they met and befriended #elf they only got stronger.

Fun Fact:
- She prefers men who are gentle and stable in their relationships.
- She dislikes people who brag or boast about their fighting prowess.
Character Sheet
Charlie's sister here needs a name.


Amaya Ells
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

Amaya Ells is budding author keen on getting her novels out there. She's not in it for money, just wants to share her writing with the world.

And she has a few requests for those who visit.

:bulletblue: Do not watch her unless you plan to read her works, she does not appreciate watches which stem from some form of obligation(eg. watch back, for contests).

:bulletblue: Please if you have the time do comment, silent watchers depress her and any sign that you have read her work is very much appreciated.

:bulletblue: Enjoy, she writes for you as much as for herself.
I quit dA quite a few months back, stopped coming entirely. I didn't have any other site I wanted to go to I just went completely cold. I'd just had enough of dA, its not the place to share writing, not for me at least. I've left before, but always found it harder to set up on a new site so came back to familiar ground. This time I had left for nothing, and it was refreshing just being away from it all.

This is not a statement that I am back, but rather that I have finally started posting writing again, but somewhere else. That's why I've been a little more active over the last couple of weeks, I've been busy recovering the stories I want to keep. If any of you still remembered I existed, hadn't given up on me completely. You can find me here now

I'm currently working on Aetheria again, so you can learn more than ever there. Today's post (scheduled for 9am wordpress time) will be on travelling in the Aetheria. I'm rather proud of it.

Thanks for looking guys, I probably won't check back here for a while. Not until I need to get the Void Queen planning at least.
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amaya ive actually been writing a story and i was wondering if you want to read part one which is already in my gallery for people to read
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I'm sorry that :iconmedieval-literature: didn't work out for you.  I really did expect a community to sprout out of it, but our focus is probably covered throughout dA already.  Thanks for being interested!
AmayaElls Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It was less that it didn't work for me, I didn't work for it. I decided since I was so bad at contributing to groups I should cut down my list a bit, to just two groups, it was a tough decision.
manwith0name Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I understand.  Life does get in the way of dA, and if you should ever feel like coming back you're more than welcome- though I think everyone else there is in a similar boat!
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Happy birthday!
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Thank you, sorry I'm not very active.
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AmayaElls Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, sorry I'm not very active.
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